Small Breed Dogs

Information On Small Dog Breeds



Did You Know...


The Bichon poodle belongs to the non-sporting, toy group of dogs.


Chihuahuas originated in Mexico and are named after the Mexican state where they were originally bred.


Because the Jack Russell’s mission was to rid the neighborhood of rodents, they also pursued the rodents who ran underground.

The sheltie is officially a Shetland Sheepdog who originated as a herding dog on the Shetland Islands.


The Siberian Husky is a purebred dog.


The Shichon is not the type of dog that should be left home all day while you are at work. The dog is very social and craves attention.



A Shih Tzu Poodle normally weighs in the eight to fifteen pound range.


The Maltese breed is a very old European Toy breed, dating back several thousand years, and well-known in Roman times.