Miniature Boxer

Important Facts About The Miniature Boxer


The American Kennel Club has declared the Boxer to be the most popular dogs in the US; this probably explains why many people with limited living quarters seek a miniature boxer as a pet.  Unfortunately, their search will be in vain, as there are no true boxers in the miniature class.


Characteristics Of A Boxer


The boxer breed itself began as a mixed breed of dog.  Combining the Brabanter Bullenbeisser with an English Bulldog long ago, the dog we now know as the Boxer was developed.  The boxer is a dog with many attributes; the most desirable of which is its love for humans, which makes them highly sought-after pets for many people.  Loyal, intelligent and powerful, this breed of dog is an excellent guardian dog and often used as a guide dog.  These characteristics are also those which make the boxer such a popular choice for families.


It is this popularity that has given rise to numerous attempts to develop breed variations of the boxer.  Having a breed variation that is unique is believed to be more profitable for the breeder; a practice which has been the standard for developing most of the miniature breeds in existence today.  To capitalize on the demand for boxers, attempts to produce a miniature version of the dog have already begun.




Producing a true miniature version of a breed requires many years and generations of the dog.  It is generally acceptable manner to utilize the smallest adult female and breed her with the smallest adult male.  This is no guarantee that the pups will be small as well, though.  The best a breeder can hope for is that at least one pup will acquire the genetic propensity for being smaller in stature.  Once the “runt” pup attains an age to be mated, another “runt” must be located in order to mate with the hopes once again of pups that are smaller in size.  Over time, a genetically smaller dog will have been developed that can be truly considered to be a miniature version.


Not all mixes of dog breeds are as successful as that of the AKC recognized Boxer.  A dog that is the result of breeding a rat terrier dam with a pug as the sire is called a Puggat, and many also refer to the resulting pup as a Mini-Boxer.  It is important for a potential owner to realize that this type of crossbreed has no association with a boxer at all, although there are similarities in resemblance.  Indeed, many of the hybrid crossbreed of dogs that one can find are simply mixed breed dogs.  Especially in cases where neither the sire nor the dam are members of the referred to breed, it is difficult to justify addressing the pup as a “miniature” of that breed simply because it carries a similarity.  Beware of any breeder who cannot prove the bloodlines of the crossbreed, for not all crossbreeds are successful.  Dogs inappropriately crossed can be bad-tempered, have serious health issues or be genetically flawed.


Buyer Beware


Those who are searching for a miniature version of the boxer breed may be disappointed to find that they simply do not exist as a true boxer variation.  Because the dogs carrying the term of “miniature boxer” often also carry price tags in the hundreds of dollars, it is important for those seeking this type of dog to realize exactly what they are purchasing.


Despite the current lack of true miniature boxer breeds, it is not an impossible feat for future miniatures to emerge.  Perhaps someday, with proper patience and techniques applied in the breeding process, the popular boxer will appear in miniature form.